Condos with no pets allowed

Toronto Condos with No Pets Allowed

Friday May 22nd, 2020



Let me start by saying that I love animals. I grew up with a couple of beloved dogs in the family.

There are, of course, some clients who prefer to reside in a condo building that is entirely pet-free for personal reasons (severe allergies, fear of dogs, personal preference etc). 

While almost all condos in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) have some sort of pet restriction, usually a limit on the weight of the pet or a limit on the number of pets per condo unit, there are very few condo buildings with a strictly enforced "No Pets Allowed" policy issued by the condo board.

Here is a small list of condo buildings throughout the GTA that have a "no pets" policy. As condo board rules may change, it is advisable to confirm the latest rules on a building's pet policy by reaching out to property management, prior to committing to moving into a condo building. 

If you have any additional condo buildings to add to this list, please share it in the comments below and the list will be updated here for others to reference. 



Toronto Condos with a "No Pets" Policy


80 Antibes Drive, Toronto. (click for map)


33 Harbour Square, Toronto. "Harbourside Condos" (click for map)

55 Harbour Square, Toronto. "Harbourside Condos" (click for map)

65 Harbour Square, Toronto. "Harbourside Condos" (click for map)

77 Harbour Square, Toronto. "Number One York Quay" (click for map)

99 Harbour Square, Toronto. "Number One York Quay" (click for map)


25 Maitland Street, Toronto. "The Cosmopolitan" (click for map)


8 Pemberton Avenue, Toronto. "Park Palace I" (click for map)

18 Pemberton Avenue, Toronto. "Park Palace II" (click for map)

28 Pemberton Avenue, Toronto. "Park Palace III" (click for map)


29 Pemberton Avenue, Toronto. "Plaza Condo" (click for map)

39 Pemberton Avenue, Toronto. "Paramount Condo) (click for map)


22 Shallmar Boulevard, Toronto. "Academy Arms" (click for map)


62 Wellesley St West, Toronto. "Queens Park Palace". No dogs allowed, cats are okay (click for map)


30 Wellington Street East, Toronto. "The Wellington". No dogs allowed (click for map)


555 Yonge Street, Toronto. "The Residences of 555 Yonge". No dogs allowed (click for map)


Mississauga Condos with a "No Pets" Policy


3100 Kirwin Avenue, Mississauga. "Lynwood Lane Condos" (click for map)




Michelle Mar 13, 2021
You have no idea how nice it is to know that there are condo buildings out there in Toronto that don't allow pets. We have severe animal allergies to dogs. Thank you so much for posting a list of buildings that are pet free! My family loves leasing/renting and was wondering if you know of any townhouses, or condos, or homes that are still pet free, on a low floor, and are waterfront, or close to waterfront. Tall order I know, but that's a dream of ours. Any help you may provide would be immensely appreciated.

Barb Harris Apr 17, 2021
I have allergies to dogs and cats, but I find it disappointing that a Condo that you buy can have a no pet rule.
Karen Law Apr 18, 2021
@Michelle: Thank you for reaching out. Our Team has been in touch with you to follow up with assistance. In the future, if you have any real estate questions or needs, please feel comfortable in reaching out to me directly by calling 647-836-2895.

@Barb Harris: Yes, to the disappointment of some of us, there are several condo towers in Toronto that have a strictly enforced no-pet rule. The good news for you is that the vast majority of condo towers allow pets and have a limited restriction usually on the weight and number of pets allowed per condo.

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